In the beginning, there was nothing. Everything was without form, contained in unperceived universal energy. Someone  might have a mind to create visibility and form. He is the one who gave visibility, yet remained invisible. In the world of holograms, we conjure imagery and create fantasy; illusions are so real, even a virtual look real.Continue reading “VIRTUAL REALITY”

On the ocassion of the World Teacher’s Day

Teaching is a truly inward human activity. It is not merely an intellectual, or emotional, or spiritual pursuit. It is a combination of all the three. A mere intellectual teacher is a cold abstraction of facts. A mere emotional teacher is a narcissist. A mere spiritual teacher doesn’t have any anchor to the real world.Continue reading “On the ocassion of the World Teacher’s Day”


Camels are ‘collectivists’. They love their homes. It is difficult for them to leave their herd. They are quieter, gentler, more inquisitive, affectionate, attention seeking, and emotional. They take mistreatment more personally. Horses are ‘individualists’. An abused horse is ‘nervous and distrustful’. An abused camel is ‘mean and unpleasant’. Situations that could panic a horseContinue reading “KATHA”

My favourite hero

My favourite herocelebrated his 99th birthday today. Ageless, symbol of eternal youth, learned the hard wayto remain flamboyant.Time could not erode his zest for life.He understood, long backthat standing before the mirror is not a waste of time.His confidence, often, backfired, but he understood that imperfections are normal for any make-up.We loved to see himContinue reading “My favourite hero”