The Blind Age

When the dark age comesWorld gets covered with clouds of despair and terror.Blind hatred and blind love rule the world.Both the winner and the loser get defeated.Peace of the world gets disturbed,  the earth gets damaged.With every age, comes along  a blind age.In every age, come Rama and Krishna. अँधा युग जब अँधा युग आताContinue reading “The Blind Age”

Happy Teacher’s Day

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I wish you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the most enriching profession. It is a day when we feel proud that we are teachers. It is a day for soul searching, as a teacher. Teaching is a truly inward human activity.  MoreContinue reading “Happy Teacher’s Day”


There is enormous interplay and mutual dependence between science and art. Both are the means to explore unknown and  unseen. We need the bottom-up approach of science and the top-down approach of art to answer many of our profound questions. Art, at tandem with science, can take us to the  imaginary spots where we can’tContinue reading “TWO CULTURES”

Yesterday’s post was my 133rd in a row. The next will be on coming Saturday.  Thank you for your attention.


I was looking for Yadav Ji Never heard of him, said the passer-by The next man was somewhat positive, what does he do He teaches, besides doing many other things, said I Are you sure you want to meet Yadav Ji, asked the man Why then should I come all the way, said I YouContinue reading “YADAV JI”


A live city is like a living organisms. A live city believes in proportionate growth of all its parts. If one part grows disproportionately, large or small, it faces problems. It knows that random and excessive growth of some parts is not good for its overall growth. A live city’s neural network needs are quiteContinue reading “A LIVE CITY”

Unify Sociology and Biology

We will remember the years 2020-21 for a virus and the viral fighting abilities of the scientists. The highly mysterious virus acts in unusual ways. In some it causes mild symptoms, while in some critical illness. Respiratory viruses generally cause minor ailments. But this respiratory virus seems to attack the heart, brain, kidneys, and otherContinue reading “Unify Sociology and Biology”


Some optimists think we are  moving forward. Not-so-optimists show us a different picture. They say we are in the same situation where we were years ago. They say the nation is rapidly modernising but its age-old inefficiencies persist.  They think that our laboratories are rife with mediocrity, our universities are decaying and our scientists areContinue reading “THE REAL PLAYERS  “


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