Few things need to be said again and again; lest they are forgotten. Our old sacred texts have followed this practice. Ethics is one such thing. We know all about it, but keep forgetting it. Ethics is about moral principles.  A simple and easy definition of ethics is to know the difference between what youContinue reading “ENGINEERING  ETHICS”


Things are changing. A new world is evolving. A new mind is evolving to deal with this new world. In the world of engineering, technical skills are not enough to provide leadership. Engineers are expected to better bridge the gap between innovation and manufacturing. Being “best in the world” in scientific discovery is important, butContinue reading “WHAT NEXT CAN WE EXPECT”


 Aggression is a natural part of our psyche despite the fact that we are the most sociable creatures on earth. We possess remarkable ability to co-operate with one another. Unfortunately we also possess ‘unparalleled ferocity’. We are not natural killers. We find it difficult to kill in cold blood. In short, we love as wellContinue reading “AGGRESSION”


Spectacular memory feats are applauded. One memory champion  tells: My philosophy of life is that a heroic person should be able to withstand about ten years in solitary confinement without getting annoyed. My purpose is not to deny the virtues of memorisation but solitary confinement, and that too without getting annoyed seems to me aContinue reading “FORGETFULNESS”


Often, brilliant and talented people behave dishonestly. Researchers, often, fall in love with their theories so much that they don’t see the fine line between honesty and dishonesty. Honesty is a shifty business. We can deceive and mislead others without telling a lie. Keeping quiet when one supposedly should speak can be a form ofContinue reading “HONESTY”

Three Films In 3 days I saw 3 films – Toofan, Harishchandra Factory and TheBoy who Harnessed the Wind. The first film I saw was by choice. The second and the third films were abrupt choices.Toofan, I watched with lots of expectations. The film wanted to say so many things. Too many agendas for a meeting.Continue reading

MUSIC IS BOTH NATURE AND NURTURE  Imagine the world without sound, or with too much sound. Imagine the world without music.  MUSIC is much more than mere sound. We ‘feel’ music. We interact with music. We ‘conduct’ dance while listening to music.  Music improves our mood.  Music brings back so many fond memories. We loveContinue reading


When what you say no one hears, when you ask something no one responds, you become partly invisible. Being ignored is the worst form of invisibility. When you are ignored, you can’t always say,  ‘I don’t care’. A man wanted to share his grievances. Unfortunately, there were none. He goes to a therapist, tells herContinue reading “INVISIBILITY”

ARE THE SMARTER PEOPLE BETTER ? We are a unique species. We have the capability of invention that has made us the most powerful. Not competition, but cooperation is our success mantra. We have slowly accumulated power over generations. We have known the growth of our ecosystem through centuries. We have known which plant toContinue reading


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