This book enthusiast lives far away, in a remote village, goes to village fairs, all through the year,to recite his poems.Jewel in the dust this man is not,but has plenty of conviction, andmagnificence of dreams.Poverty writ large on face,yet never wavers self-belief,nor did he ever try to sell poverty. Indeed, a true poet this manContinue reading “IN A BOIMELA”


Water colourson a wet canvasgive images of ecstasy. Fluid imageson wet papersgive expressionsto ever-changing illustrations.  


I am a collage of the old and the new.Like a breathing failure, no one notices me, until I fail.I am fragile. I fade with time.I get edited, and rewritten.I am fabricated, like a memoir.More fabricated I am, the more trustworthy I become.

When an old works side-by-side a young

Older employee makes decisions based on experience. Younger employee uses academic learning. Blending the two provides cross-generational benefits. Reciprocal mentoring helps. Despite the age difference, one can be a colleague and also a friend. For the young, time is open-ended.  The young try to expand their horizon. For the old time is close-ended. The oldContinue reading “When an old works side-by-side a young”

The powerful think they only have the right to be wrong. Good listening can be a form of polished indifference. Some people are only funny when they try to be serious. Listen to the sea, fish will taste better.

All fools are not stupid

All fools are not stupid and vice-versa. A bitter enemy becomes jealous the moment he comes to know that you hate someone more than him. You know you have arrived when people start noticing your absence more than the presence of others. In some places cleanliness is more important than dirtying the hand

Larger than logic problems don’t have straight line solutions

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, yet we fail to follow this simple geometrical instruction. It is because of the possible temptations that direct us to routes that are not straight. Niccolo Machiavelli said, “Men are so simple and so ready to obey present necessities, that one who deceives will alwaysContinue reading “Larger than logic problems don’t have straight line solutions”

A small wish

Where mainly rickshaw ply,where there is filth and fly,one may ask,how people live in that dirty city?Where live near and dear,where one learns to walk and fly,where one gets lifelong friends,how can that be a dirty city?One had a small wish;he wanted to be a clerkin a dirty city.A small wish,that too he couldn’t fulfill.

A time traveller

Musafir,a wanderer,not certain where to go,no travails to face,nothing to accomplish,experiences time as it pleases,like Janus,sees the beginnings and the endin the same frame of time,and vista of vision. A time traveller,always on the move,run by the neural machine,unconcerned with the depth of time,unnerved by the expanse of space,gets trapped in ‘endless nows’, the momentContinue reading “A time traveller”


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