Manipulated science and the art of highlighting deviations Manipulated science manipulates data to establish a preconceived notion. There is a strong urge and conviction to transform the notion into a fact. Before the experiment, the experimenter decided that the X-Y plot should follow a straight line. But all points are not falling on the theContinue reading

Happy Technology Day!

  Man was once the weakest animal on this earth. He wanted to survive, yet he did not have the inherent means for survival. The armoury he developed for his survival included a capacity for thought, imagination, ingenuity, and self-awareness. Man is now the most evolved species. With the development of reason and conscience, heContinue reading “Happy Technology Day!”

Often a minor difference makes all the difference

Though it knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, we can’t always tell our mind to follow a straight line. It takes turns. It has limitations. Its neurons decide how far it can go. We are unique species because of our neurons and the connections between them. Our connectome isContinue reading “Often a minor difference makes all the difference”

Science doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock

I am often tempted to write on a subject I am not competent to write. One such topic is – Science doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock. What I mean by that is that I am not expecting everyone to become scientists, but I believe, if explained simply, one can understand even a difficult science. IfContinue reading “Science doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock”


Today I met a man.He was fortywhen I met him the first time.Today, he is eighty.His collection of verseswritten over the yearsis being released.His nephew, read a few.Verbs and meanings were clearno ambiguity in the versesonly the author wouldn’t knowwhat all was happening.A normal happening!A day comeswhen one forgetswhat all one does.But the world rememberssoContinue reading “Posterity”

As one grows old

As one grows oldgrows a feeling of freedomof isolation, of leisure, of boredomone likes to flow with time.As one grows oldone discovers new identitiesnurtures neglected relationshipsutility assumes a new meaning.As one grows oldone becomes little forgetfullittle stubborn, unreasonableimperfections look normal.As one grows oldwhen one by one leave the scenethe bruises last longerthe mirror comes nearer.AsContinue reading “As one grows old”

And when we begin, there is no end

We begin to respire much before our lungs are formed.We begin to digest much before our guts are formed.We begin to think much before our thoughts are formed.We are born much before we are fully born.Tadpoles begin to swim the moment  they are born.We are not tadpoles.We begin when we are ready to begin. AndContinue reading “And when we begin, there is no end”

“It is said of a mediocre writers that they borrow, whereas good ones steal – and what’s meant by this, I think, is that a mark of a good writer is that he appropriates another’s work entirely, making of it of his own.” Will Self