And the sine curve continues

The first station in the journey of optimism is excitement, its consequence is thrill,thrill gives rise to euphoria,euphoria causes anxiety,anxiety arouses fear,out of fear grows panic,from panic arises the tendency to surrender.At the mid station, hope steps in, to overcome depression.Overcoming depression, comes relief, to steer the path of optimism.Optimism grows out of hope, euphoriaContinue reading “And the sine curve continues”


She won’t look at her, until she finds her beautiful.She wants to look beautiful.She wants to get noticed. She need not be perfectly perfect to be beautiful.Imperfection doesn’t worry her.Conviction creates beauty in her.Some charm disappears,some evolve, as one grows. “I never use make-up” is the best beauty tip,the most beautiful ever gave.

Inner engineering

Someone rightly pointed out, “The teachings of Plato, Mill, Kant, Spinoza, Descartes, Nietzsche, Epicurus, Confucius, and others will indeed provide a very solid foundation for the understanding of ethics. But it is important that ethics courses also deal with the pragmatic issues that confront engineers in the rough-and-tumble, everyday world in which they live andContinue reading “Inner engineering”


The relation between seeing and knowing is more complicated than we commonly assume. For instance, people with normal sight have a blind spot, although they are not usually aware of this hole in their sight. Some people can ‘see’ despite their visual disability. Some people can circumnavigate the clutter without taking a wrong step inContinue reading “SOME EYES CAN SEE THE SOUL”


Money is essential for survival, to attain freedom, desire, power, status, and possession. We suffer from money illusion and loss aversion. We invest in people, in knowledge, and in the future. Aren’t all investments, ultimately dead investments? My reading influences my writing, as much as my writing influences my reading. Therefore, I am original. In ‘We’Continue reading “TAAKA MAATI, MAATI YAAKA”

Our mind works best in a shower

We often do things we won’t do under normal circumstances. We do this for various reasons. We do this to get recognition that we think, has been alluding us.Our brain is the most intelligent instrument in our possession. It operates our mind. Our mind  works best when it doesn’t give instructions. It works best inContinue reading “Our mind works best in a shower”