SILENCE Silence speaks silently.Silence thinks loudly.Silence makes noise.Silence breaks heart.Silence heals.Silence is experience.Silence is saying nothing,yet understanding.Silence is interpolation.Silence is extrapolation.Silence grows in silence.Big bang broke the silence. Big crunch will bring the silence.Don’t search for silence;silence comes, nevertheless.


If you have a working head,  you will get plenty of opportunities to eat someone’s head, and also give others ample opportunity to eat your head. If you are not working, don’t think you are spared of this problem. And never give someone an opportunity to think that you are totally useless; most importantly toContinue reading “DON’T EAT SOMEONE’S HEAD”


Has the world stopped producing geniuses? Some agree and some obviously don’t. For the emergence of a genius, some think the world must fall into some kind of a crisis. The good thing is that our world is always in the midst of some crises. Dean Simonton says that ‘raw genius’ is generally a necessity,Continue reading “ARE WE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER DARWIN?”

Powerful hits and fiery bowling

I was once a great cricket enthusiast. My enthusiasm did not wane even when Pankaj Roy, the opener, was caught by wicket keeper Alexander on the first ball of Wesley Hall time and again, or when Bapu Nadkarni bowling 25 overs (out of which 23 were maidens) giving three runs and taking no wicket wasContinue reading “Powerful hits and fiery bowling”


I recently read a book by Viktor Frankl – Saying yes to life in difficult times. I had already read Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning. Frankl’s books raises hope. It is about human dignity. Frankl was an Auschwitz survivor. Both his books depict a psychologist’s experience in the concentration camp. The books are about theContinue reading “LIFE IN DIFFICULT TIMES”


The Covid pandemic has exposed our fragility at several fronts. It concerns our health. It expects us to learn new ways to treat our planet. Community life is experiencing a vigorous resurgence. The pandemic expects us to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the society. “Self-isolation and social distancing are not about you; they’reContinue reading “DON’T CREATE PANIC”