Life at seventy plus

Some people think that people in their second innings are generally insipid and insecure. They think that minds of elders often shuts down at random. Some think that elders are patient and wise. They are better at regulating their emotions, they understand better social conflicts, and generally have more accumulated knowledge about the world. ResearchContinue reading “Life at seventy plus”

Insects don’t sleep but we must

The pattern of our sleep varies considerably. Some of us sleep late in the night and wake up late in the morning. Some are early to bed and early to rise. Irregular sleep due to unrecognized depression and anxiety is common. Restriction of sleep time and medical and psychological disorders influence sleep patterns. Sleep offersContinue reading “Insects don’t sleep but we must”

अमृत सत्य

नरेंद्र, शिकागो में, सितम्बर का महीना था, तुमने अमेरिका के भाई बहनो से कहा था एक ऐसे धर्म के बारे में, जिसकी नीव पांच हज़ार वर्ष पहले पड़ी थी। ऐसा धर्म, जिसने दुनिया को सहनशीलता का पाठ सिखाया था। सभी धर्मो की जननी ने सभी धर्मो को सत्य का रूप दिखाया था।मनुष्य, अपने अनुकूल अलग-अलगContinue reading “अमृत सत्य”


He created luck, consciously and methodically, and accepted failure intelligently. Sharp and witty, brash and gentle,endowed with charms of verbal fluency, he could envision success and challenge conventions.Charisma often overshadowed  substance of this ageless symbol of eternal youth.Time couldn’t erode his zest for life.His confidence, often, backfired.Possessed the magic glue to bind people.Dev Saab, you areContinue reading “A FLAMBOYANT GUIDE”

Happy Republic Day

India is more transcendental than formal, more metaphysical than scientific, more imaginative than positive, more idealistic than realistic. Indian values are more intellectual than physical, internal than external, emotional than rational. For example, when one walks a mile to meet a friend, he feels he walked only a few steps. If he has to goContinue reading “Happy Republic Day”

Has the world stopped producing Darwin and Einstein?

Some believe, we will not have another Darwin or Einstein. Some say, we need paradigm-shatterers, as there are many unresolved fundamental questions still to be resolved. For the emergence of a genius, some think the world must fall into some kind of a crisis. The good thing is that our world is always amidst someContinue reading “Has the world stopped producing Darwin and Einstein?”

In the flames of time

A time comes, when one can’t see, hear, and walk alone.One forgets and sleeps more.One doesn’t want to lead or follow.One wants freedom from the clutches of living, yet doesn’t want to fade into the oblivion, instantly, randomly, wholly.One goes part by part.One slowly falls apart.Disappearance is not easy to swallow.Some remain, in our heartsContinue reading “In the flames of time”