In search of truth

We are standing between two unpredictable. Both are in search of truth — one discovers it, the other reveals it. Both want to come closer to each other.Conflict between them can be resolved provided both understand the merits inherent in each. The real culprits are impure expectations from both the sides. Both sides seem threatenedContinue reading “In search of truth”

Can we hear with the same subtlety the silence of the air?

Music improves our mood. Music brings back fond memories. Music is good for social bonding, coalition building, and reducing interpersonal tensions. We listen to our kind of music in our way. Every culture has music. Every culture has lullabies, and one doesn’t need to understand the language to know that it is a lullaby. MusicContinue reading “Can we hear with the same subtlety the silence of the air?”

Marriages are a form of Dosti

According to Aristotle, friendship comes in three forms. In the friendship of utility, ‘friends’ are friends because they benefit each other. Friendships of pleasure are those where individuals seek out each other’s company because of the joy it brings. The third category, friendship of the good, is based upon mutual respect, admiration for each other’sContinue reading “Marriages are a form of Dosti”

Smart Chameleons and Broken Windows

Who has better chances of survival — the most selfish or the least selfish? What is the better modus operandi — combat or networking, competition or cooperation? Are the surviving organisms superior to those that have gone extinct? Is the present generation better than the past generation?Evolution has given many interpretations to understand these questions.Continue reading “Smart Chameleons and Broken Windows”

Koi Chala Gaya Hazaaron Yaadein Chhodkar

Aaha rimjhim ke ye pyare pyare geet liye, Lata-Talat, Shailendra, Salil Choudhury, Usne Kaha thaAaja re pardeshi, Lata, Shailendra, Salil Choudhury, MadhumatiAjeeb dastaan hai yeh, Lata, Shailendra, Shankar-Jaikishan, Dil apna aur preet parayiAllah tero naam, eeswar tero naam, Lata, Sahir, Jaidev, Hum DonoAye dil kahan teri manzil, Lata-Dwijen Mukherjee, Majrooh, Salil Choudhury, MayaBaiyan na dharo,Continue reading “Koi Chala Gaya Hazaaron Yaadein Chhodkar”

Looking into the mirror

Looking into the mirror, what do I see?I see, I am water,as if I am occupying three-fourth of the planet,existing in three phases;switching from one to the other.I am ordered, often a jumble of disorder.I see I am floating upon myself.I see I am shrinking, and also expanding.I am transparent, tasteless, colourless,often unrecognizable.I see meContinue reading “Looking into the mirror”