In the world of excellence

I asked a principal about the result of her school. She said, more than 40 percent got 90 plus. Out of which many got 99 percent. She then added, in some other schools, more than half got 90 plus, and so she doesn’t know if the results of her school are good or bad. She seemed worried about the 99 percenters who might not get a place in some good schools of DU where cut off usually is 100 percent. In the world of excellence, it is not easy to celebrate excellence. Thank God, I was born at a time when there were no coaching factories. My people had not many expectations. I remember,  my Thakuma had Satyanarayan ki Katha when I scored a mere half century. Today’s parents don’t know if their child did well even after scoring 90 plus. Indeed, we are living in the world of artificial intelligence. In a few decades, we will have artificial life and programmed death in our command. Everything about us will be taken care of by someone/something else. Thank God I will not be there when that happens, hopefully!

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