What happens when a 70 plus works side-by-side a 25 plus?

Age-diverse workforce has several advantages. Older employees make decisions based on experience. Younger employees employ academic learning. Blending the two provides cross-generational benefits. For the old it can be a revitalizing second innings. One needs to feel engaged and relevant, whatever one is in. One wants to learn and contribute, whatever age one is in. The culture of respect for each  generation is  a good idea. Reciprocal mentoring helps. Despite age difference, one can be  a friend of a younger colleague. The age gap is not enough to call it a generation gap. The present has the advantage of the past. When I was in my teens, I loved Dev Anand films. Now in my fourth phase, I still love Dev Saab. There is nothing like mind that adjusts to new situations while retaining the old.

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