Storm over a cup of tea

I was thinking about one of my old acquaintances. He was a good football player. Whenever his team won, he would join the team’s celebration party. Even when his team lost, he would join the winning team’s party. There was genuine appreciation for the winning team. These are now stories. Now we keep our players in safe spots under strict surveillance. Rather than enjoying the win, we are more concerned about the forthcoming loss.

Think of another event. Let us say, it is an emergency meeting to pass an important bill. People assemble. Discussion starts. There is a storm over a cup of tea. Why we are spending so much money on tea and biscuit. The discussion continues for 2 hours. Due to the paucity of time, at the end, within a minute, the bill worth crores of rupees is passed. We hurriedly leave because it is dinner time.

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