Manipulated science and the art of highlighting deviations

Manipulated science manipulates data to establish a preconceived notion. There is a strong urge and conviction to transform the notion into a fact. Before the experiment, the experimenter decided that the X-Y plot should follow a straight line. But all points are not falling on the the straight line. in some zones, large deviations are observed. But the model has already been framed. It has to be established. What to do? There could be error in the protocol or in the analysis. May be in those zones, something different is happening. Why bother? The easy way is to rub the ‘bad’ points from graph, as if you did not conduct experiments on those zones. Draw the graph only with the ‘good’ points. You have a ‘clean’ graph. Highlight it with coloured pencils. Highlighting deviations is art. This art provides the best feed for good science.

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