Happy Technology Day!


Man was once the weakest animal on this earth. He wanted to survive, yet he did not have the inherent means for survival. The armoury he developed for his survival included a capacity for thought, imagination, ingenuity, and self-awareness. Man is now the most evolved species. With the development of reason and conscience, he is now ‘fully born’, ’fully awake’, and ‘fully human’. He is the sum of ‘inherited’ and ‘acquired’ qualities. He is the product of genes and society. He now wants to rewrite life.

Can a man be engineered to make him complete? “When systems are not engineered but instead allowed to evolve – to build themselves – then the resultant whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Should we not take cognizance of the fact that we are produced by a process that is not engineering? As we know, there is another approach, besides the strict engineering approach, which can produce something of that complexity, and that’s the evolutionary approach.


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