We move with time to different worlds. Our psychology, our consciousness, our subjectivity, do they change, as we move?
Home is our resting place. When the body and the mind are in peace, we attain a sustainable equilibrium. At equilibrium our body refuels and repairs itself and the mind feels peaceful and happy. When we go out of home, our physical and psychological equilibrium, often, momentarily goes off balance. We want to re-establish the equilibrium. Once we are home we are in peace with ourselves. We are home the moment we have a sense of home. The sense of home lights up our responsive network. We are home with our body, with our senses, and with our space.
Home is part of our self-definition. It is a place to display ourselves. A mere functional living space is not a home. One needs to develop a relationship with the space to call it a home. Home is where one can be with oneself. The place otherwise is an empty space. Home is where one gets reinvented. What a paradox? Unless, you leave home, you wouldn’t know what you are missing. The moment you are home, you forget what you were missing.

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