Life at seventy plus

Some people think that people in their second innings are generally insipid and insecure. They think that minds of elders often shuts down at random. Some think that elders are patient and wise. They are better at regulating their emotions, they understand better social conflicts, and generally have more accumulated knowledge about the world. Research says, elders reason and process information more slowly. Perhaps, elders possess better crystallized intelligence; a reflection on one’s knowledge base, what one knows, knows it well. Perhaps the younger lot have better grasp on fluid intelligence; a reflection on one’s capacity to learn and manipulate new information. It seems, if we define wisdom as manifestation of judicious use of knowledge, older people can be trusted in their second innings, even if they lack or lose some qualities. Wisdom more than compensates the losses. Life at seventy plus can be beautiful.

As one grows old,
there is feeling of freedom,
feeling of isolation,
feeling of leisure,
feeling of boredom.
As one grows old,
one discovers new identities,
nurtures hitherto neglected relationships,
utility assumes new meaning,
like to flow with the time,
simply enjoy the process of getting old.
As one grows old,
one becomes little stubborn,
little unreasonable,
imperfections look normal.
one becomes little forgetful.
When one by one leave the scene,
one feels desolate.
As one grows old, bruises last longer.

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