Happy Republic Day

India is more transcendental than formal, more metaphysical than scientific, more imaginative than positive, more idealistic than realistic. Indian values are more intellectual than physical, internal than external, emotional than rational. For example, when one walks a mile to meet a friend, he feels he walked only a few steps. If he has to go for unpleasant work, he will say he walked a mile when in reality he might have walked only a few steps. When a friend meeting a friend after a few weeks says — when I have not seen you for ages — he really neither exaggerates nor lies, but simply applies his inner emotional standard to the measurement of our time.
Bipin Chandra Pal, The Soul of India

One of the lessons of prehistory is that India has created a common durable civilization out of the different population groups that streamed into it in the distant past, and that holding it together requires a certain sensitivity towards and acceptance of difference and preferences. We are all Indians. We are all migrants, and we are all mixed.
Tony Joseph, Early Indians

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