Has the world stopped producing Darwin and Einstein?

Some believe, we will not have another Darwin or Einstein. Some say, we need paradigm-shatterers, as there are many unresolved fundamental questions still to be resolved. For the emergence of a genius, some think the world must fall into some kind of a crisis. The good thing is that our world is always amidst some crises, and so we can hope for the emergence of geniuses all the time among us.
Dean Simonton says, raw genius is necessary but not sufficient to make someone creative. It seems there is nothing like a ‘full-blown moment of inspiration’ waiting for the genius. The ‘moment of inspiration’ often comes through freewheeling unstructured discussions. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that distant analogies lead to new ideas. Though we don’t want to be overwhelmed by irrelevant information, we like to understand things by entering into the minds of others. “Memory is dialogic and arises not only from direct experience but from the intercourse of many minds,” thought Oliver Sacks.

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