Happy Eyes

The most beautiful and the most complex part of our body, eyes, are a doorway to our personality. If you want to know a person, look into the eyes. ‘Seeing’ is not such a simple matter, as we seem it to be. It is a gradual process. A Buddhist text describes it as follows, “A man comes, moved by confidence; having come, he joins; having joined he listens; listening, he receives the doctrine; having received the doctrine, he remembers it; he examines the sense of the things remembered; from examining the sense, the things are approved of; having approved, desire is born; he ponders; pondering he eagerly trains himself; and eagerly training himself, he mentally realizes the highest truth itself and penetrating it by means of wisdom, he sees”. We see the same object, but see it differently. What we see depends upon our ‘grade of significance’. Ernst Schumacher says, “Not the eye, only the mind, can determine the grade of significance.”
Some don’t see some,
despite their presence.
They are blind.
Some can see some
despite their physical disability.
They are not blind.
Even darkness for them turn into light.
Loss of sight is not the end of sight for them.
They have special eyes,
to see beyond the visible.
They can see through mind’s eye.
When light fades,
they are afraid.
They are not afraid of wounds and blows.
They are afraid of isolation.
Blindness for them is paradoxical gift.
They have happy eyes.

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