Money is essential for survival, to attain freedom, desire,
power, status, and possession.
We suffer from money illusion and loss aversion. We invest in people, in knowledge, and in the future. Aren’t all investments, ultimately dead investments?

My reading influences my writing, as much as my writing influences my reading. Therefore, I am original.

In ‘We’ if ‘I’ am not present, how can ‘we’ be important.

Often I am not sad but I want to cry, I don’t know why.

I began much before I was ready to begin. I will remain much after I have gone.

The journey begins in bright light; it is soft and real. It ends in pitch dark, hard and imaginary.

My mediocrity has given me an opportunity to understand the problems of the mediocre.

River is nature, as forests and mountains are, but river is not a forest or a mountain, it is not dense or sparse, it is deep or shallow, dry or flooded. One doesn’t ride a mountain of life, or roams in the forest of life, one crosses the river of life.

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