Who is my favourite among Rafi, Kishore, and Mukesh? I would love to sing like Mukesh. I thought Kishore Kumar songs I loved the most. The way Rafi was used by Burman for Dev Saab, I had to rethink about my choice. The same is the situation with Geeta Dutt and Asha Bhonsle. I love to remain confused in the matters of Hindi film songs.

It is very difficult to come out of a job that outwardly seem very attractive. It is difficult for most to understand why one wants to say goodbye to that job. One sees what is apparent. One can’t see what is not so apparent.

One of my acquaintances prematurely retired recently. I asked him, why did he retire before time? He said retirement always doesn’t need a reason, nor post-retirement needs a planning. I asked, what next? He said, if he knew what next, he wouldn’t have retired. My friend is happy he didn’t plan his post-retirement.

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