Lay off, recession, pink slip, downsizing, fearful words.
Unforeseen exigency makes one penalized.
Becoming a liability is too bothersome.
Situational contingency comes
in the garb of unworthiness and inconsistency.
Layoffs makes a sensitive
read much more, between the lines.

In the film Middleman,
after a few inane questions,
one is asked, what is the weight of the moon.
One wonders, what weight of the moon has to do with his job.
Such are the expressions of distractions.

It is so difficult to wear the clothes of veiled authority.
It is very tough to convey uncomfortable decisions.
Sermons don’t serve any purpose.

Ponder over another situation.
You fired a colleague, you happened to be his well-wisher.
You meet him, in a get-together,
after a few years.
He tells you,
“I did not realize then, that firing me, you created an opportunity for me. You could see my special talent, I could not see. You saw in me the sense of discovery. You saw the fire in me. You fired me. You are my true mentor.”

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