It is about the quest of a fish
to win the ugliness contest.
The unbeautiful fish
had unshapely flesh.
First time she was upstaged by a frog, the second time, by a parakeet, the third time, a Sea Pig won the gold.
Unrecognition made the fish unhappy.
She was more adorable than ugly, the judges said.
She felt horrified, at the judgment of the judges.
In her fourth attempt,
the fish finally wins the pageant;
she beats a Monkey, a Rat, and a Bat.
She becomes the ugliest animal. 
Famous designers designed her dresses.
So much attention, she couldn’t entertain, got spoiled.
Forgot the essence of decency.
Soon the feeling of fleeting fame
began to bother her; there will be another celebrity.
That sank her into deep depression.
One day she was uncrowned.
Trappings of fame
she could not unwear.

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