Work is a kind of game

Work is a kind of game, and all games are played from the neck up, and no game can be truthfully played without consulting the rules of the game. I have learnt a few rules from the organizations I have served. I have learnt the  concept of vital engagement.  I have learnt that competent and dedicated persons are necessary, but not sufficient to achieve vital engagement. A complimentary environment is necessary to achieve vital engagement. Vital engagement is possible in organizations that have conscience, as well as spirit. It is good to know the utilization of mediocre and minimal resources optimally. So often there is a conflict between a person’s values and that of the organization. What one wants to do may not fit with the organization’s value system. There can also be a difference between ‘actual’ and ‘organisationally required’ emotions. It is important to understand the implications of this difference, so essential to resolve conflicts that may arise. 

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