When your good work is not acknowledged

If I am not given what is due to me, it can be very exhausting. When no one cares, one can feel very lonely. Often our good work goes unnoticed. Is it due to the organisational culture?  Some organizations are afraid to appreciate. They are afraid to face expectations of the employees expectations. They are afraid to dole out instant rewards.  Reward could be monetary or career growth or simply appreciation. What should one do in such situations?  Should one evolve a self-appreciation system? When one is not acknowledged for one’s good work, what motivates one to acknowledge one’s teammates? How much of one’s  work environment helps one in overcoming the lack of appreciation? How much of one’s unhappiness rubs teammates? If one is unhappy, can one encourage teammates?
We all want appreciation. Are we objective in our assessment about ourselves?  Only those who have the magnanimity to receive can only give. I remember, when I was leaving my previous organization, my boss told me that he will be happy if he gets half of me as my replacement. That was the best compliment I ever got.  I wish everyone gets such a boss. It is also  good to remember that recognition is a two way process.

One doesn’t like to remain unnoticed. Underappreciation makes one weak, as over appreciation is.  Self-doubts should not cripple our minds. It is for us to ensure our visibility.   Those who can’t see us, it is our duty to provide them with sight glasses. If required, take them to an opthalmologist.
There is a saying that the average boss doesn’t pay attention to human needs.  Your boss may be average, make sure you are not. Recognition is one of the important human needs.  Always remember, no one gives you anything for nothing. You deserve recognition only if you deserve it.  Fill yourself with pride. Recognition is one such  pride filler. When no one appreciates you for whatever good you do, go where you are appreciated and understood. As they say, if your presence is not appreciated, make sure your absence is felt.

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