Leisurely engagement with time keeps us in better physical and mental health. Mind works better in leisure time. In leisure time the mind is engaged in the pursuit of things one likes to do. During leisure one gets time to get oneself engaged in the activities one usually neglects, like watching films, listening to music, knowing about the affairs of the world. During this time one gets to know why spending time with oneself is important, why some amount of unplanned time is essential, why doing nothing is part of a growing process, why we age differently, why some amount of nonlinearity is good etc.

Spending time with oneself is like the process of meditation. It manages one’s internal crisis. It is a process of observing without judgment. It is a process of becoming comfortable in silence. It is a process of making one a better version of oneself. But the problem is that we hate to be with our thoughts. We hate doing even 15 minutes of thinking. The urge to immerse our attention in external things is so instinctive that we’re scarcely aware of it. We gladly embrace the interruptions of emails, tweets, and texts. We are losing faith in our thoughts. The outside world is more enchanting for us. We are social species. We don’t want to avoid contact with others. We want to keep alive our ‘evolutionarily hardwired impulses for connection’.

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