A beautiful mind is like a flower,

sprouting in the cracks of life,

to beautify the gloomy stony existence.

It gels well with other minds, despite the differences.

It reaches the point where differences lose significance,

where possible is compatibility.

It can hear the silence of infinitely open spaces.

In solitude, it can observe life dispassionately.

It can balance the swinging pendulum of life,

simply and beautifully.

A beautiful mind knows, but doesn’t display.

It is not burdened by knowledge,

envisions the visible and perceives the invisible.

It can see beyond the self.

It values relationships that do not terminate

with the termination of purpose.

It is often unpredictable, misunderstood, disproportionate,

and at times unaware of many things.

It is a fine balance between integration and differentiation,

convergence and divergence, calm and restlessness,

competition and cooperation, optimism and wishful thinking,

idealism and realism, plasticity and rigidity,

tolerance and indifference, faith and doubt,

acknowledgement and anonymity.

For a beautiful mind, beauty essentially means simplicity.

A beautiful mind is an applied hope.

Applied hopeful delivers what it promises,

expands or contracts as the situation demands,

has wings, but knows, the wings prevent the spirit of walking.

Applied hopeful competes with the best,

to enliven the spirit of winning.

Often, inaudible, applied hopefuls can hear the murmur of the ocean.

Looks at the mirror, sees through the window,

Applied hopeful is an optimum optimist.

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