Three Films

In 3 days I saw 3 films – Toofan, Harishchandra Factory and The
Boy who Harnessed the Wind. 
The first film I saw was by choice. The second and the third films were abrupt choices.
Toofan, I watched with lots of expectations. The film wanted to say so many things. Too many agendas for a meeting. One is not sure where to stop.  The film has powrful punches and performances. The film is made under a big banner, but that  is not enough to make a good film.  Big banners also raise one’s  expectations.
The second and the third films I watched  with no  expectation. And I was surprised.  Harishchandra was its director’s  first film, and he did a wonderful job. The strength of the film is its simplicity. Its music was superb. It renewed my respect for film makers. We enjoy a  film. Never think how much efforts have gone into making this film.  We so easily accept or reject  a film. We credit/discredit  the stars for a film’s success/failure. We forget, it is a team effort. I am happy that the star system is slowly fading out. We have numerous platforms to watch a film. Story and screenplay are getting their due. 100 crore  individuals may not be required to make a 100 crore film. People can do experiments with their films.  We will need many more  Surekha jis.  We will make many more Badhai Hos.  I am so happy that  Harishchandra Factory was made the way the makers wanted to make it. I am happy that I watched it, though unexpectedly.
The third film was a complete surprise for me. I was watching it with my 9 year old grandson. I was moved, so was he. Another simple film made simply with heart and soul. The films objectives were not clashing anywhere. Even politics of the place was explained without much clamour and fanfare. There was no heroic deed. There was truth.  After watching the film, I wanted to be with myself for some moments. I then asked my grandson, if   he liked the film. He said, “I wish we were taught science this way.” He did not say much. Perhaps, he was in the world of making  his own dynamo. As a teacher, I learned a few lessons. I felt happy that my grandson understood that science is the refinement of everyday thinking.

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