Winning the war 

During the Covid lockdown, I am in touch with several of my friends and relatives. When I talk to them, I feel good, though they are on the wrong side of time. I find them full of spirits. I have not seen them whiling away their time in complaining. They are enjoying their freedom howsoever restricted it is. Their coefficient of satisfaction is so high. They think less of future accomplishments. They seem fulfilled all the time.  They feel their immunity levels are not so less that  they should be restricted from doing certain things.

There is one reason for their optimism. They are not afraid of death. They are not waiting to go, but death doesn’t bother them all the time. They have understood the meaning of indispensable. They have won the war of death. Death no more frightens them. They have understood that by winning one war they can win many wars. They wish for the least, and hope for the best. Long live my  friends. Live as if you are in your first age.

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