Most interesting conversations and  the best Adda sessions
are held in the mind
Adda, where words flow Intellect  glow
Where stories and arguments bloom
Redundant are abundant
Extinct get extension
Where castles are built
In the thin air of hope
Mind tells the tales of many minds

The tales are beautiful, forgetful, trustworthy, biased, hateful,
wise, foolish, friendly, meaningful
Mind determines the size of the world
It shapes our emotions
Mind is the best coffee house
For our Adda sessions


  1. Mind is not only the best coffee house but a temple of God and a storehouse of peace or disruption depending on the frame of mind. If cultivated properly the mind can overcome tremendous challenges and difficulties. As they say mind over matter. The correct mix of spirituality, discipline, peace and joy can make a most beautiful mind in an exquisite coffee shop.


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