A designer remarked, “This product is beautiful and specifically made for you and others like you. But by possessing it, you can distinguish yourself from everyone else.”
A designer creates attires that match the persona of the wearer.
A designer opens the mind of the wearer.
A designer, not only designs a dress, she designs a relationship. A designer knows how to assert the assets, hide the flaws, convey the taste, and create the style.
A designer often decides what her client should wear. Qa

“Observe the tree for a while; in the morning, the afternoon, the evening and again in the dead of night. After some time, you will get fed up as if the tree is saying: ‘What are you doing here? Leave me alone.’ Then you have to say: ‘Please don’t be angry with me. Be kind, reveal yourself to me’. After you have silently studied it for a few days, if you feel that you have now seen the tree, lock yourself up in your room, and draw a picture of it,”  suggested Nandlal Bose.
Here the artist merges with the subject to create the art form.

The sculptor Henry Moore once admitted, “I sometimes begin drawing with no preconceived problem to solve, with only the desire to use pencil on paper, and make lines, tones and shapes with no conscious aim; but then a point arrives where some idea becomes conscious and crystallises, and then a control and ordering begins to take place.”

Designers have used both the approaches – methodical as well as intuitive and self-evolving – to create a dress. There is neither a perfect design, nor a standard design methodology. The creative genius and imaginative visage of the designer decides if the product becomes a symbol of art, or an entanglement of geometry and colour.

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