It is not always right to believe that work is virtuous. Bertrand Russell tells the story of Naples  beggars. The laziest beggar who did not even care to pick the coin thrown at him got the coin. And we all know that a workaholic is not necessarily a valued employee. It seems wherever there is sun there is idleness. Amidst sunshine, idyllic surroundings seem to have genetic virtuosity of idleness.

When I was with myself

Doing nothing was a way of life.

I did not arrive at any conclusion.

I whiled away my time; eating, watching, observing, listening.

So relaxing was to see the VIBGYOR in the blue sky.

It led me to believe that truth is made up of seven colours.

And all the truths merge into one sublime.

In my useless time, I was thinking like a wise.

I was saying nothing, yet I was saying many things.

There is nothing that is nothing.

I was seeing beauty in everything.

When I was with myself, I stepped into myself, with no purpose.

When I stepped out, I found the purpose.

Don’t ask me what that was!

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