There comes a time when in twilight hours one likes to retrace the trail of footprints from the edge of today to the precinct of yesterday. I did so after 50 years of my journey in academic and professional world. I revisited the thoughts that guided me, recalled the events that changed the course of my life, and remembered the people who made me what I am. In the nostalgic frame of mind I felt the urge to capture the snap-shots of memory before they fade out in the haze of oblivion. This has reminded me the numerous helping hands I had held to be where I am today.

I wrote a book SCHOOL OF UPNA LIFE (SOUL) to commemorate 50 years of my graduation in Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI) Kanpur and 25 years of my association with Birla Institute of Scientific Research (BISR) Jaipur. After graduation, for theThe varied experiences that I gathered have given another dimension to my professional career. My sincere gratitude to my schools and workplaces, my teachers and my superiors for what I am today.

So far it has been a wonderful journey. I gratefully remember my teachers who so patiently prepared me for what I am today, and to take societal responsibilities, among other things, I value in life. They have infused in me the sense of learning to think big, extend the limits of vision, and achieve the ends. I am still learning to fly with my feet firmly on the ground. On this occasion I remember my family and friends for giving me so many joyous moments. Gratitude is a sentiment and an agreeable emotion. I can only smile and give them a warm look, and say, I am most sincerely grateful to you for the overwhelming generosity showered on me.

To commemorate 50 years of my graduation in engineering, my friend Subimal Sinha Roy sent me  the following:

Nostalgic Imprint

Graduation is a great memorable moment

Much cherished and seems so recent

Though fifty years have silently passed

It has not gathered any layer of dust

For it served as a solid stepping stone

To leap to the coveted height all alone

With indelible memories of teachers

Whose help is etched in my mind forever

The fading faces of the classmates stay in

All dispersed, in vivid past they remain

Books that enlightened, showed the way

To academic success making brighter day

All these so very graphic, focused so near

In nostalgic imprints across time they appear.

To celebrate 25 years of my association with Birla Institute of Scientific Research Jaipur my friend sent me another gem from his repertoire.

Decoding the Decades

Decoding decades’ enigmatic designs life makes within is

Discovering the turns life takes at times unforeseen

All journeys have a beginning and an end unknown

Some finish listlessly at obscure destinations forlorn

But some never seem to end ever

For they remain as the energy of flowing cascades

In the mountain, and never see how and why the curtains of time fall

Trying to discern why the journey began after all

And toiling to discover in vain the destination destined

End for some is the end of extending the line ordained

Where time freezes and the beginning begins

At all times at the end which consumed by the beginning never comes

You charted your course from a distant modest abode

Not knowing where the destination is hidden in a code

And travelled miles to where you deserved to belong

Decades later you started walking the garden pathway

Fostering the memory of the beginning nurtured to stay reached

Where the western winds blow the desert dust

But they couldn’t blanket your creative zeal by their gust

Nobody knows not, even you, if it is destiny or irony or coded drive

In decades’ design

Furrowed a pathway for you to cross the rocky ledge and thorny bush

In turn, to travel to realm of dormant eminence, or recognition

In two and a half decades, time has slowed, making you stable and stronger

The sand grains of the hour glass made for you to last are coated with

Indelible colours of nostalgic past, hang static

Watching you create timeless dreams innate

The heavy burden of petrified time can’t decimate

You crafted a space on a new stage you made your own

Decked with unique imagination and pure satisfaction

Giving shape on a bare canvas

A mosaic of creation that was coded in design in you for decades of oblivion

Harsh western winds turned the pages of calendars

Days melted in stream of months and months in years

The decadal layers enfolded the nascent aspirations

Carving the vividly delicate profiles of literary horizons

Unexplored so long and full of potential

Promises call you the way orange sky does when the sun rises

You travel on the path you made at the new dawn

Let the new journey bring you closer to the horizon

Let it continue till the haze of the desert dust fades

The western winds stop stowing the years into decades

Let your unending journey embrace eternity sublime

Someday someone would decode the decades’ design and discover you

For the world at last

You will then rise from the desert dust.

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