This morning when I got up I tried to recollect what I did yesterday. It was a normal day. Nothing unusual, nothing worth mentioning happened. I, however, did a few things that gave me happiness. I read a few pages from a Bertrand Russell’s book. I wrote a 600-word article on Indir Thakrun of Pather Panchali. I saw and imagined through the prism of hope. I transformed some of my emotions into an assembly of words. I touched the past. I visualised the future. Expressing myself in different ways for me was a pleasant and amusing diversion.

The year is not a normal year. If it has given me several bouts of depression, it also has given me few perfect days for doing nothing. It let some amount of wilderness enter into my life. I watched many good films. I listened some good Hindi film music of 50’s and 60’s. Mind works best when it is on a short vacation. It tells the dangers of becoming too transparent. It tells about a few busy incompetents. In humility, one finds disguised arrogance. One comes to know that unbribable are too expensive. Charity is usually done for self glory. Selfless act devoid of emotion is not possible. Whatever one might say, we are not all that dishonest, and not everything is a matter of life and death. Closer the group, less incentive is there to stir the water. Good listening can be simply polished indifference. A workaholic is not necessarily a valuable employee. Harder you try, more captive you are likely to become. At some places, cleanliness is more important than dirtying the hand. Listen to the sea, the fish will taste better. You will be fully civilized the day you will spend doing nothing, learning nothing new, and, above all, not feeling guilty for doing nothing.

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