If you have a working head,  you will get plenty of opportunities to eat someone’s head, and also give others ample opportunity to eat your head. If you are not working, don’t think you are spared of this problem. And never give someone an opportunity to think that you are totally useless; most importantly to your spouse.

‘Don’t eat my head’ is a commonly used expression. Interestingly, the usage of the term – ‘eating the head’ – has its inspiration from nature. One of our ancestors, the sea squirts belongs to the same group as humans. The sea squirt larvae resemble tadpole larva. It doesn’t evolve into fish or amphibian. Instead, this little animal swims to find a good place to rest. Once it finds a good solid surface, it attaches itself there. It wants to take a long rest. While doing so, it remains there permanently. Our distant cousin was too ‘smart’. It said to itself, ‘What will I do with my head if I don’t have to move?’ This smart thought made this little animal to believe that there is nothing wrong if one eats its own head. In fact, it did so. As a result of eating its own head, it didn’t grow; it remained a larva.

We have learnt an important lesson from sea squirts. Those of us think that head is a useless  organ, need remedial measures. Another lesson we have learnt from sea squirts is that if we let someone eat our head, it means we have given that person enough indication that our head has become useless, and one can eat it. So preserve your head from the avoidable onslaughts. Don’t let anyone eat it. And don’t ever forget that your head is one of your most important assets. If you lose it, you are lost. It is like any other machine. It needs repair and maintenance. It appreciates and depreciates. It becomes non-functional, when not in use.

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