The aim of education has not changed since the ancient time. It has never been merely the acquisition of knowledge. It has always been preparation for life and liberation of the self. We can’t ignore what our predecessors believed. Education is based on four pillars, says an UNESCO report. The first pillar acquires knowledge and the ways of learning. So as to benefit from the opportunities education provides throughout life. The second pillar acquires, not only an occupational skill, but also the competence to deal with many situations and various challenges of working life. The third pillar teaches us to live together and appreciate the spirit of interdependence. The forth pillar helps us to develop our own personality and our ability of autonomy.

We expect our students to develop ‘foundational skills’ of literacy and numeracy, ‘higher-order’ cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills, social and emotional skills. All education systems do not have all the pillars. More the pillar an education system has, better it serves the purpose. For the development of good education system the primary requirement is the availability of good teachers. Multidisciplinary training is required for the teachers. Multidisciplinary training, not only in imparting education, but also in school administration is necessary. In short, in the spirit of multidiscipline lies the essence of education. Another important aspect of the policy document is the need for the sharing of the resources. “An attitudinal change needs to be brought in so that the implementation effort is carefully nurtured, and best practices and processes developed at successful school complexes can be replicated at many places.”

With the rapid multiplication of education system, corruption(not only financial but also moral) has crept in the education system in a big way. Some educational institutional have completely lost sight of the purpose of education. Therefore, most of all, our education systems require effective leadership and resolve. Transformers are required to transform an enterprise called  education.

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