The School of Upna Life

SOUL, the School of Upna Life, is a school where minds meet and ideas mate. It is not a conventional age stratified school. It is a school where knowledge is not a burden. It is a school where no problem is trivial, learning is not dictation, and incoherence is heard. It is a school where mutants co-exist with the clones. It is a school where dreams become realities and mirrors turn into windows. It is school, not physically present, yet present
in every frame of life. It is a school unstructured, yet structured. It follows no sequence, nor expects any consequence. It doesn’t carry the burden of recognition. It cares for one’s personal space. It has a mind that touches the heart.

SOUL is a school to know oneself. The broad objective of the School is to broaden perspective about everyday life. The school recognizes that one is endowed with different levels of determination and resources, and everything is not for everyone. The school works in one’s mind. It works on the principles of extended mind; mind expands when it interacts with other minds, not necessarily similar minds. It has unlimited space for exploration. We are all our teachers in the School Of Upna Life.

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