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Big problem in collaboration is the presence of highly demanding and ‘uncultivable’ special species. These species work like stressor species as they get stressed at the smallest pretext. These stressor species are disease causing.   Even if small in number, they can’t be ignored.

WE ARE NOT TADPOLES Tadpoles are ready to swim, find food, and evade predators the moment they are born. We are born before we are fully developed. We need years of intensive care before we can fend for ourselves. We take time to find food, fight predators, and learn to swim. That is why we…

LET YOUR PRESENCE BE MEANINGFUL FOR THE GENERATIONS TO COME  Do we know what we need, what we want?Do we know what obsolescence is?If something or someone has outlived its utilityShould we destroy it? Our mind craves, not for satisfaction, but for more.Our coefficient of satisfaction drops, despite the fulfilment of our desires.And as Blake…

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