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The Blind Age

When the dark age comesWorld gets covered with clouds of despair and terror.Blind hatred and blind love rule the world.Both the winner and the loser get defeated.Peace of the world gets disturbed,  the earth gets damaged.With every age, comes along  a blind age.In every age, come Rama and Krishna. अँधा युग जब अँधा युग आताContinue reading “The Blind Age”

Happy Teacher’s Day

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I wish you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the most enriching profession. It is a day when we feel proud that we are teachers. It is a day for soul searching, as a teacher. Teaching is a truly inward human activity.  MoreContinue reading “Happy Teacher’s Day”


There is enormous interplay and mutual dependence between science and art. Both are the means to explore unknown and  unseen. We need the bottom-up approach of science and the top-down approach of art to answer many of our profound questions. Art, at tandem with science, can take us to the  imaginary spots where we can’tContinue reading “TWO CULTURES”

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