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Few things need to be said again and again; lest they are forgotten. Our old sacred texts have followed this practice. Ethics is one such thing. We know all about it, but keep forgetting it. Ethics is about moral principles.  A simple and easy definition of ethics is to know the difference between what youContinue reading “ENGINEERING  ETHICS”


We are unhappy because we spend most of our time, money, and attention on activities that tax rather than soothe our minds. We are unhappy when we are overburdened by the choices that are at our disposal, and we don’t know what to do with them. Amid ‘choice overload’, or ‘choice under load’,  it isContinue reading “THE PHANTASM OF HAPPINESS “


Things are changing. A new world is evolving. A new mind is evolving to deal with this new world. In the world of engineering, technical skills are not enough to provide leadership. Engineers are expected to better bridge the gap between innovation and manufacturing. Being “best in the world” in scientific discovery is important, butContinue reading “WHAT NEXT CAN WE EXPECT”

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