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The Common Sense

We see, hear, taste, smell, and touch the world. Equipped with five senses we observe things around us. But mere observation is not enough, as such observations are merely mechanical. They tell us only a part of the story. When our awareness is soaked with emotional sensibilities we  understand real meaning of a  thing. InContinue reading “The Common Sense”


LIFE (1) Touch it. It shrinks, like a Chui-Mui. It also comes back, like a Chui Mui. Life has flaws. It goes wrong, as it goes along. Be considerate. Life is found in minor strains. Life is beautiful. Don’t complicate it. Celebrate life. Fill it with beautiful hours. (2) Mysterious vastness once frightened man. ToContinue reading “LIFE”


Mind loves variety, surprises, adventures of the unknown, and the mysterious. It appreciates and depreciates, needs repair and maintenance, dries up when not in use, like an ink pen. Ink ignites the mind.Even the faintest ink retains faded past more reliably.

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